February 7, 2011, 10:45 am
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Miss Riboet’s popularity continued to grow, both on stage and on record. In 1929, the Dardanella theater troupe emerged and soon became rivals with Miss Riboet’s Orion troupe. Dardanella had several big stars in the troupe and in 1931 found themselves in court because one of their stars was also using the name “Miss Riboet.” Dardanella lost the case and their imitator had to switch to “Miss Riboet II.” I’m not sure how many songs she recorded, I’ve only seen one. Here’s Miss Riboet II pictured with another Dardanella star, Miss Dja:

Since this second post about Miss Riboet is about the second Miss Riboet, here’s the second side of the Miss Riboet record.

>Beka B. 15099-I

Thanks to Matthew Isaac Cohen for noticing that I had mistaken Miss Riboet II for the real thing in my previous post.


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Fascinating music and information! Thanks so much for all that you do.
Grego E.

Comment by Grego Edwards

Query, why the record was associated with Orion instead of mentioning Dardanella, if that was miss Riboet II. It is good to find out.

Comment by Bambang

gracias, buena recomendación

Comment by JG

I am a researcher of old Southeast Asian music and artists. Could you please tell me which is Miss Riboet II and which is Miss Dja in your photo under file Java, Indonesia for Beka B 15099-II.
Dr Lim

Comment by Dr Lim Chuan Fong

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