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Scratchy old 78 rpm records from Asia. Probably other places too.

If you appreciate the unending stream of never reissued ethnic 78s, please support our efforts by donating five bucks to the tip jar. You might even get a surprise “thank you” gift, just like with NPR!

And speaking of never reissued 78s….Haji Maji has released an lp of thai music with Dust-to-Digital’s vinyl imprint Parlortone. There are a couple follow up projects in the works so stay tuned.

Please CONTACT ME if you have similar records you’d like to sell, donate or trade.

Who am I? I live in Oakland, California where I play fiddle in the Squirrelly Stringband and Greek bouzouki in the Disciples of Markos. I’m a graphic designer by trade and a reformed filmmaker.

Feel free to leave any comments or contribute information, and if you wish to use any of the material from this site please provide a credit and link.


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Please more, more, more!!! I have been searching for this music and though I have found Chinese music, it was not this, opera from the 20’s. This is just what I want!! Thank you so much for posting…MORE PLEASE!!!!!!

Comment by NoNameInTheStreet

no worries…plenty more where these came from! Thanks for listening.

Comment by hajimaji

Yes — this is SO great. Thank you for making an effort in preserving this material!!

Comment by wendell


Comment by bibomedia

This is such a beautiful wonderful thing. Thank you so much for doing it.

Comment by Greta Novitchka

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to make a limited CDR release (max. 35 copies) with special packaging of your mp3’s? If you are interested you can mail me about it, thanks!

Comment by :René

The 3 labels, Nam Sing, Golden Star Record and Tsing Ping were labels that were distributed in San Francisco. I particular remember Golden Star Records because they also had a radio station at the store in the 60s. My dad would blast their station every night. Some of the old cantonese opera I remember from my childhood days. My dad probably owned them. He had boxes and boxes of old 78s but they’re gone now.

Comment by Ed

Great, thanks for the info Ed.

Comment by HAJI MAJI

Thank you. Your musical queries are prolific and I am very appreciative.

Comment by hannah

You’re welcome…and thanks for checking in.


Comment by HAJI MAJI

Love the stuff on morlarm and luk thing. I also collect some of these music and would be great to liase…

Comment by Pradip (Lord Lingham)

Nothing new for four months now – hope you are alive and well!…

Comment by Chris Zwarg

Hi. This stuff is awesome! I play bouzouki in a band called Corespondents, and my band mates play don bao (and drums) and guitar. We listen to, and attempting to incorporate a lot of stuff from all over time and space, and you have got some cool stuff on here.
Thank you, keep it up, and please let me know if the Disciples of Markos are interested in an instrumental opening act in November…? That stuff is great!

Comment by Doug

It’s so difficult nowadays to find information about 78 rpm records. So, this really helpfull.
I love to collect that kind of records too.
Thank you.

Comment by H. Mulyanto

Thanks so much for setting up this website and uploading the music. Its such a treasure trove. Made my day!
Pearlyn from Singapore

Comment by pearl

Haji Maji rocks!

Comment by Kevin Gerzevitz

love from bombay. this is fantastic.

Comment by aa

dear sirs
i’d like to order the luk thung record please

Comment by philippe

All i can say is WOW!! Thank you!

Comment by erutu

Thank you Haji Maji. As a Indonesian/javanese, I don’t have knowledge about Indonesian music, but I get many information from you. I believe that many others Indonesian also doen’t know about old Indonesian artist/musician. I love listening 78 rpm records on my old gramopho ne. Still try to collect Indonesian records and appreciate them.

Btw, unique name you have. Haji is a person (moslem) who has done hajj in Mekah.

Thank you & best regards.

Comment by Pedagang Karat

Dmitri Mavra – David Murray – HajiMaji – whoever you are, your ears and your mind are in the right place – MUSIC! Thanks for your efforts to reclaim vibrant older, near-forgotten musical traditions.

I have at home some non-commercial recordings of ‘kebuon’ – sung recitations of traditional wisdom, for solo voice – by some (Western) Cham people from Vietnam and Cambodia – if this kind of stuff is not too ethnographic for your taste – do you want to hear a sample?

Comment by Yahya Abdal-Aziz

yes, I’d love to hear it!

Comment by HAJI MAJI

This is the first time I have contact with Chinese music, and I must admit I am amazed …!! Thank you very much for your time and your dedication to spread these gems …!
I feel sorry for not being able to repay you with music or anything ethnic, but I have friends, and all I can offer is to spread your website … Congratulations from Argentina …! =)

Comment by Carlos

Thanks Carlos, Enjoy!

Comment by HAJI MAJI

Congradulation for such a valuable and full of data website for recording history in East and South East Asia, according to records, photos and postcards.
I have a similar website for recording history and discography in Western Asia focused on Iran cultural Area:
I hope to have cooprations in finding mint informations and rare records of unknown music stars of Asia.
Amir Mansour
Tehran, Iran

Comment by Amir Mansour

Now, More data is available here:
Amir Mansour

Comment by Amir Mansour

Just outstanding! I am many friends can’t thank you enough for all this wonderful wax!

Comment by Dirk Bill

Dear David,

Have meant to contact you for some time. I also live in Oakland. Have been running into your site every now and then. Love the music. Great work & congrats on the LA Times coverage. Thanks

Sonny Le

Comment by Sonny Le (@sonnylebythebay)

Hello Haji Maji! Thanks so much for your fantastic website, but also for the Longing for the Past set. After 2 months of waiting for it, I must say it is absolutely incredible! All of it is so intense…. yet slow and steady it goes, trying to soak it up without being washed away…. ha! Move over, Charlie Pattons of the era, here come more monsters to mythologize. Keep up the good work, to say the least, and please keep ’em coming!
Best to you and your team, Taylor Savvy aus Berlin

Comment by Taylor Savvy

Thanks Taylor,
I appreciate the compliments..enjoy!


Comment by HAJI MAJI

the CD you put together for Dust To Digital, “Kassidat: Rare 45’s from Morocco” is wonderful. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this and even dreamed of doing it myself but my day job with Shanachie Entertainment leaves me no time. More importantly the selections are excellent….. I was however disappointed that there only six tracks….wondering why? there is a wealth of great Moroccan music on 45’s….there is a restaurant in Essouria which has a stupendous collection of old ’45’s right in the entry way…..the owner is a collector evidently…. I would love to trade, buy or donate for more of this music… please respond to me via e-mail…. once again, thanks for your great work!

Comment by Randall Grass

I like the Burmese pictures
Are they copyrighted?

Comment by pascal christel

I believe the Burmese postcards are in the public domain.

Comment by HAJI MAJI

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