May 7, 2009, 9:09 am
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Here’s another great Japanese record on Columbia. This wild music is called Toori Kagura Tawamure, sacred music played at Shinto festivals for Kotobuki Jishi (Lion Dance). This particular piece is Edo Kanda Bayashi.

In and around Tokyo, there are many shrines which have seasonal festivals, mainly in autumn, at which hayashi music and folkloric dance-dramas are performed for the public. The Hayashi is generally called matsuri hayashi (festival hayashi). Kanda Bayashi is one of them, which is used in the Kanda district of downtown Tokyo. The ensemble usually consists of a flute, two flat barrel drums played with two sticks, a gong and a big drum.


>Columbia A580a

Here’s some visuals for you:

Kanda Bayashi:

Lion Dance:

Thanks once again to Mary Mariko Ohno, director of the Kabuki Academy in Tacoma, Washington, for translation and other info…these Japanese posts couldn’t have been done without her help…thanks!


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Thanks as always.

Comment by icastico

This is very nice – it’s oddly reminiscent of North Mississippi Hill country Fife & Drum music. It’s not what I was expecting to hear. Thanks!

Comment by sprout333

yes, good observation sprout333….the king of which is Othar Turner…check him out here:


Comment by HAJI MAJI

Many thanks for this, and all the others! A wonderful blog, beautifully put together.

Comment by gracenotes

Thank you gracenotes.

My apologies to everyone for the long time between postings…I’m swamped with several projects but will soon have several more interesting items to post.

Comment by HAJI MAJI

These Japanese posts were fantastic, especially the Geisha Blues FUJISAN 2978a.

Do you have any idea on the years of the recordings?

Comment by g

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