April 30, 2009, 12:36 pm
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Here’s one of my favorite shamisen records, and since spring is upon us I’ve decided to post both sides.
Tune in next week for one more Japanese record, after that we head down to Southeast Asia!

The first side is Ume nimo Haru (Plum Blossom in Spring), a well known hauta song that accompanies a dance of the same name. Hauta is a type of song popular in Edo (Tokyo) in the 19th century.
“In a light mood it describes various sights of the New Year and connects them to the feelings of a woman in the pleasure quarters waiting for her lover. Instead of seeing the person she is awaiting so anxiously, she sees all these other things instead.” from http://jtrad.columbia.jp

Sung by Fujimoto Fumikichi with shamisen by Koshizu Kin.


>Ume nimo Haru (Columbia A32 – 1206182)

The second side is Harusame (Spring Rain).
“This song describes a warbler in the spring rain perfumed by the fragrant plum blossoms. While being a poetic description of spring, it also carries a faintly erotic atmosphere.” Again, from http://jtrad.columbia.jp

Sung by Kanda Fukumaru.

>Harusame (Columbia A32- 2206185)

Another big thanks to Mary Mariko Ohno, director of the Kabuki Academy in Tacoma, Washington, for translation and other info…thanks Mary!


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